Raising Pawfection Testimonials

Photograph of Julia Cocorachio
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Julia Cocorachio

Wow! What an amazing and useful resource this is.

As useful as the puppy training advice is, I particularly like the considerations before buying a puppy and how to choose a breeder.

I had a very bad experience with health issues from bad breeding in my last dog; it cost me dearly both emotionally and financially, and I sadly lost her very young.

If I’d had this sort of advice back then, I could have avoided a lot of heart ache.

I have trained with Denise and she has supported me in force free training for both my large breed Cane Corso. The previous one being very reactive.

Her training methods are effective and kind and I learned a lot from her, especially learning how to read my dog’s body language. I thoroughly recommend this.

Photograph of Rosie Ellis
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Rosie Ellis

Denise was instrumental in helping us not only undo bad habits that Harley had picked up due to us being confused with different training methods online, but helped us prevent new ones forming as he grew up, thanks to educating us on positive reinforcement training - it was like opening a whole new world where we could actually communicate effectively with our puppy! Harley is now a 1 year old male dog that still needs lots of training and attention and we are looking forward to utilising Raising Pawfection to keep Harley happy and well-behaved!

There was so much conflicting information online, in books and just from people on dog walks and in pet shops, about how you should raise your pup, which was overwhelming and resulted in confused training techniques and frustrated owners and a frustrated puppy! It's a relief to have everything we need, proven methods and training techniques in one place. We especially appreciate the advice on body language at the moment, as Harley hasn't 'had the chop' yet, and being able to read how he feels when approaching other dogs, especially other unneutered males, is so important to keeping him fear free, happy and safe.

Photograph of Henrietta Brandt
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Henrietta Brandt

Raising Pawfection – exciting, educational, thought provoking, genuine, excellent value – “a must have” for everyone “doggie”! I feel honoured to have been privy to this from the beginning. This is a beautifully written and researched site by the highly acclaimed Denise Nuttall, whose extensive knowledge and lateral thinking goes above and beyond. There is information here, all in one place, that cannot be found anywhere else, and which is long awaited!

It starts from your first thoughts of, “Do I want to own a dog”, through to intricate training procedures, all broken down into finite detail, which are easy to understand and follow. Humour even creeps in, thus making the whole experience great fun! You will avoid the pitfalls many people make and end up with a dog everyone wants to own. Even if you already own a dog, or dogs, and want to be a more informed owner, or simply have fun chatting with other dog lovers, this is for you. You can even ask questions privately. From personal experience, there is no challenge or problem Denise cannot overcome. I love the layout and format of Raising Pawfection. It is a brilliantly conceived idea and I cannot wait to jump in.

Photograph of Jo Evans
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Jo Evans

Raising Pawfection is a fatastic resource that anyone thinking of getting a puppy or who has a new puppy should subscribe to. Denise has provided a wealth of information that new puppy parents should be aware of, not only before they purchase their puppy, but also to guide them right through puppyhood & beyond. The site covers many topics and issues that I have experienced with my 11 year old border collie and our 2 younger border collies, especially with them being litter mates. A lot of the information covered on Raising Pawfection hasn't been readily available in the past. Had this fantastic resource been available when my older collie was attacked by another dog & when we got the 2 girls, I think it would have helped us be better equiped to deal with the resulting fear/confidence rebuilding along with the extra challenges and issues that can arise from having litter mates.

Photograph of Andy Clayton
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Andy Clayton

I’ve known Denise for many years. Her extensive knowledge and experience are second to none.

I’m well aware of the challenges that all new dog owners face and the resources offered by Raising Pawfection are an invaluable tool for anyone embarking on life with a new pet. Even owners who have had dogs before will benefit from the huge breadth of knowledge it contains.

If you want the best for your dog (and who doesn’t?) you could do them no better favour than subscribing to the service. You won’t regret it!

Photograph of Andy Clayton
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Marie Stoner

I was referred to Denise after asking my vet for a recommendation.

I first had a video consultation, that alone lifted my spirits and started our training journey. Sorry for the (j) word but a journey is what it is. We patiently waited to join a class, with all the information Denise had given in our report, there was plenty to do.

We progressed to classes and started by almost hiding behind a tree.

At this point I feel I need to add, my poor little Winston had experienced a significant trauma prior to being referred. I was told that he may never regain confidence again.

The transformation is incredible,we still have a long way to go. We have listened to Denise and taken on board her force free training ethics.

It works.

We are still on our journey, but that’s ok. We will continue for the rest of our lives together.

Raising Pawfection, what can I say? You lucky lucky people, this will be the best thing you will ever buy your dog. Good luck, enjoy and have fun.