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Samples of the kinds of information you can access to help you to research getting a new puppy if you join our subscription services

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Puppy and adolescence package

All you need to know about choosing your puppy and raising your puppy for the first year including simple step by step short training videos that show you how to get the best and quickest results from training your pupster. 

  • Pre puppy guidance included
  • Information to help you avoid common pitfalls
  • Tailored training plans for your breed or cross breed
  • Problem prevention 
  • 8 steps of Raising Pawfection program
  • 2 ask the expert questions per month 
  • Step by step easy to do “train like a pro” video tutorials from basic to more advanced 
  • Access to friendly forum 

Pre Puppy guidance

There is a lot you need to know before deciding to get a puppy. We have done the research so you don't have to. Here it all is! Being prepared for a new puppy is really important.

Information to help with:

  • Budget planning 
  • Readiness for a puppy 
  • How to avoid rogue breeders
  • How to choose a good breeder
  • How to choose most suitable breed or cross breed for you 
  • How to choose the right puppy 
  • How to get puppy home
  • 2 Ask the Expert questions per month. 
  • Access to friendly forum