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Introducing Raising Pawfection

Welcome to Raising Pawfection® more than just online puppy and dog training, we provide the best online puppy and dog training service around; like having a dog nanny on speed dial! Use our 8 steps of Raising Pawfection® formula produced from 20 years’ experience to raise the best dog quickly and easily without costly mistakes. To save you barking up the wrong tree try our personalised training plans, easy to follow video tutorials, member’s forum and our exceptional Ask the Expert feature to raise the dog everyone admires.

72- 85% of dog owners have at least one behaviour problem with their dog! Don’t wait for problems to develop, join our online dog training platform. With a highly qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist to hold your paws and hands you are sure of Raising Pawfection®

Hello! I'm Denise.

Denise Nutall

Denise Nuttall

So, who am I and why should you trust me? I’m Denise Nuttall, a well-known and respected dog behaviourist and dog trainer of 20 years. I have been a regular guest on BBC Radio Solent since 2011 and I am regulated by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. I’m a full member of the APBC and TCBTS. I have a B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour and a Master's degree in Research Science in Dog Cognition and Forensic Psychology, where I even taught dogs how to indicate lie telling!

My years of experience working with well over 20,000 dogs and puppies as a professional dog trainer and behaviourist have taught me there’s more to raising great dogs than training alone. I am ready to share my secrets with you. I believe in personalised support and look forward to connecting with you to answer all your questions.

Why choose Raising Pawfection?

The membership platform your puppy will thank you for joining!

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One low monthly/quarterly or annual fee that gives you full access to a package that meets your needs. No additional extras to pay for, no hidden costs.

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Subscriptions to give you partial access but you may pay extra for different units within a package

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Pre puppy purchase guidance and planning resources preparing you to be able to make the best decisions

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Tailored training plans based on the information you provide us about your puppy/dog

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Information is produced by a highly qualified named and Masters degree qualified professional dog behaviourist and trainer regulated by the ABTC

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What the experts say

Photograph of vet Aidan Borrill

Aidan Borrill MA VetMB MRCV

Raising Pawfection is going to be a game changer.

I've been working with Denise for years and refer a number of behaviour cases to her with great confidence. When I discovered Raising Pawfection was in development I became very excited about the huge impact it would have on so many puppies in the early stages of their development. When I saw the finished product I wasn't disappointed.

Not only does it guide owners through their puppies development in regards to obedience it also provides valuable advise on how to ensure a positive relationship with their dogs for years to come in regards to grooming and general handling.

If you want a reliable resource to guide puppy owners to for a very reasonable price I can't recommend 'Raising Pawfection' highly enough.

Photograph of Canine Behaviourist and Animal Healing Practitioner Lisa Benn

Lisa Benn

Canine Behaviourist and Animal Healing Practitioner
Understanding Pets
MSc Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling

Raising Pawfection is an excellent site. It provides great information to help you select the right puppy for your family and circumstances. There is lots of practical advice on training and how to build a happy, healthy relationship with your puppy and it also offers support through the more challenging times. There is invaluable advice to help prevent problem behaviours from developing and ultimately gives you and your puppy the very best start. It is a great go-to site and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to anyone considering getting a new puppy.

Rebecca Walters

Founder, Pupstarts Breeders

What a wonderful and expansive program this is! Having worked with many breeders and owners over the years, this level of support and clarity is exactly what is needed by new puppy owners in those early weeks and months when raising a new puppy throws up many challenges.

It is a pleasure to work with Denise, who is a skilled trainer and mine of information on dogs and puppies!

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